Tuesday , 25 September 2018

DO-It-Yourself: Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

In the year of December 2002, Eight people worked together and brought their business-oriented social networking service idea into reality. Reid Hoffman along with their team members launched the famously known LinkedIn. As per the LinkedIn in the year 2016, they have more than 433 million accounts. Most of the site revenue comes by sharing information of its users to recruiters and sales professional.

The basic functionality of the LinkedIn is that it allows its users to create profiles and connections. Users can send the invite to another (whether they are members of the site or not) to become their connection which makes it powerful online social network. Linked also allows you to make your company page so that you can promote your business.


Here We are providing steps to create Company Page


  • If you are already a member of LinkedIn, enter your credentials to log in. (Otherwise, create a new account).
  • Take mouse on Click on Companies from the drop down menu.



  • Click on Create button from the Create a Company Page section of the right-hand side.


  • Now enter your Company name and official email address so that client can contact you.


  • Make sure to check” I verify that I am the official representative of this company and have the right to act on behalf of my company in the creation of this page.”
  • Click on continue.
  • Now to continue, you need to do the following
  • Check your company inbox for a confirmation email from LinkedIn.
  • Follow the instructions in the email.
  • Complete your company profile information in Overview & Product & Services section.


  • Click on Publish to create your company Page.

As it is easier to create a company page on LinkedIn but you need to work really hard to make your company page popular. For that, you need to use a proper logo along with the interactive banners and showcase pages. Along with all this, you need to regularly update your company activities on this page so that your customers will find it interesting and helpful. There are several ways using which you can promote your page to new followers. some of them are

  • Encourage your employees to add the company page in their personal profiles.
  • Add a link to the LinkedIn page in your signatures.
  • Promote your page in newsletter
  • On the back of your business cards with a LinkedIn logo.

And more…..

Note: We suggests you make a plan for updates. As per our experiences, Weekdays (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) during business hours are the best days to post.

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