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Fix error code 17099 in Outlook Mac 2011/15/16

MS outlook is one of the best and most widely used email client which has a feature to store mails, contacts, appointments, journal, tasks and Notes. There are also many other options available like distributed list, flags, searching of mails, Rules, etc.  which user can apply to these mail objects. With the release of Office for MAC in the year 2011, the popularity of this software was also increased among the mac users. Microsoft kept the interface of the mac version nearly same as of its windows brother except the file type. i.e. in Mac, the default file type is OLM whereas in windows it is PST. Like the PST file, the OLM file also stores all the mail objects (Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes) on the OSX operating System.

But like the windows version, the mac version also experiences errors and corruption. Your OLM file may corrupt due to following situations

  • If you are using an old version of Outlook
  • Interruption in the middle when you are updating your outlook
  • Virus attack
  • Hard drive failure
  • If you are connected to exchange, then a crash on the exchange can make your OLM file corrupted.

These situations can effect on your OLM files and you will experience an error message “error code 17099” every time when you open Outlook. This happens when the SMTP server is returning a permanent or transient error or an unexpected result code. This error may also appear when you are trying to send mail to a large group, but your ISP provider has set the limit on the number of recipients to which you can send mail at a time.

How to fix error code 17099?

  • Close all the running instances of the applications you are running.
  • Open Application folder -> MS Office 2011-> Office to find the Microsoft Database Utility. Run this utility.
  • Now you need to select your mail identity in the Microsoft Database Utility window, and click on ‘Rebuild’. You will get a message to quit all office applications. Click on Quit All.
  • A window pops up which is showing the progress of repairing of your identity.
  • After completion of the progress, a message will be shown “Your database was rebuilt successfully.
  • Click on “Done”.

Now open your outlook and you will see your outlook is working perfectly.

Note: We suggest you to take a backup of your mails by exporting it to a file using the Export feature of the Outlook so that you will not lose any important mail.

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  1. Yesterday, I got this error in MS Entourage 2008. Is it a bug ? Please guide to me for fixing this problem completely.

    • MS Entourage is the email client which was a component of MS Office 2008 before the release of Outlook.To solve this error kindly do the following

      • Close all the instances of the Office applications.
      • Press and hold the Options (alt) key of the keyboard and start your Entourage application. Don’t leave the Options (alt) key until Microsoft Database Utility screen opens up. (You can also find this utility in Application folder-> Microsoft Office 2008/2004 -> Office)
      • In the Microsoft Database Utility window, select the database and click Rebuild database then click Continue.
      • The process window opens up and shows you the progress. When the process completes, you will receive a message “Your database was successfully rebuilt”.
      • Click on “Done “and restart the Entourage.

      If problem still persists then follow the following steps

      • Find the “Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/” folder.
      • Copy the folder which have your identity name to the desktop.
      • Now start the Entourage
      • In the Entourage Menu, click on “Switch Identity.
      • Now click on New and then enter the name of the new identity in identity name box (for e.g. MyIdentity).
      • Close the Entourage.
      • Now find the folder “Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/ MyIdentity” and rename the database file to new database.
      • Copy and paste the database file from the identity folder which we have copied on our desktop in Step 1 and 2 in this newly created Identity folder.
      • Start the Entourage again.

  2. Now,I can fix outlook error on Mac machine.

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