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The Whys and Hows of Converting OST to PST online

What are OST and PST files, and why and how should you convert OST to PST. You may be aware of these terms and would be using these in your day to day official communication but what if you encounter inaccessible OST?

How will Access its File Components without adequate understanding of the Product and Processes?

Most employees tend to delete their data on their system, when they leave the organization. This is because they feel that the data availability may leave them vulnerable. Secondly, they do not want to share the valuable information with their ex-colleagues and management. And the end result is that the OST file is no more available for business purposes. Sometimes, they carry their OST (Offline Storage Table) along to access it later, not realizing that OSTs can open only by using that account which created it. Basic knowledge of OST and PST file is must for MS Outlook users.

What is OST? Offline storage Tables is offline folder file in MS Outlook used by the user to work offline. All changes made to offline folder are synchronized the moment Exchange server establishes connectivity with MS Outlook.

What is PST? Personal storage table is MS outlook data file to store Outlook data for POP3, IMAP and Web-based mail account users. PST files are not location specific and can be moved from one system to other.

Now that you acquainted with the differences you must be able to decipher why the user is unable to open OST file on the system other than it is created for. In this scenario, you can convert the available OST file into PST provided it is not blocked by organization’s Group Policies. Alternately, you can export only the Calendar entries to Excel files in CSV format.

Microsoft Outlook is equipped with inbuilt utilities to export OST contents to PST file; you can try the following methods:


Archive to move or copy the Outlook items to a PST. Archiving is best when ALL mailbox items are to be moved. Simply set the Auto-Archive default in Tools and apply to all folders.

To auto archive contacts, move them to new Data file.

Export to a PST

Though this method is fast and easy, it is not recommended to convert OST to PST. If the organization blocks the creation of PST, try exporting calendar entries to CSV.

Move to a new PST

Create a new PST at preferred location and move the Folders to new PST. A message is displayed “Can’t Move Default folders”. The content name will be copied with suffix (1), for example Inbox (1), Calendar (1) and so on.

What if the above mentioned Outlook utilities do not yield the right results? You are stuck but as it is said: “problem always comes with a solution”.

A simple, easy and one of the most accurate and proven technique is employing Stellar OST to PST Converter. This tool offers to help you to convert the inaccessible OST file and recover its contents into accessible and usable PST file.

The Pros of using OST to PST Converter

Tools are available to successfully convert OST to PST files User Interface resembles MS Outlook enabling users to conclude their task efficiently each for particular mails from the tree-format to verify if mails are available.

Stellar OST to PST Converter at a glance

Easy to use Graphical user interface helps users to start working on the tool right away as explained by the screenshots below:

Step 1: Home page assists you to select the OST file. If the OST file location is not known, find the file with the help of Find button. All existing OST files in the system will be displayed and you can easily select the one of your choice.

Figure 1: Home page assists to select and find OST

Step 2: Once you have clicked on the desired OST file, click on “Scan Now” to initiate scanning process.

Figure 2: Click on Scan Now process

Step 3: Preview of scanned OST file helps user to verify that all Mailbox items are available. Preview is same as your Outlook thus promoting user to search and verify Mailbox components at ease.

Figure 3: OST file Preview

Step 4: Convert the file into a PST file. Choose an alternate saving format if required.

Figure 4: Select Destination path to save PST

Step 5: Selected OST is converted to PST file and saved at the selected destination. Click and verify

Figure 5: Selected OST is converted to PST and saved at selected location

Amongst the numerous tools available you can easily rely on Stellar OST to PST Converter and this can be supported by many reasons as stated below:

  1. First Point first: Tool’s usability. Interactive GUI promotes self-help. You don’t have to read lengthy manuals to understand the procedure before operating the tool.
  2. Converts mailboxes as well as messages: Scan, preview and convert full OST to PST or extract and convert selected mailbox components.
  3. Smart preview lets you scroll through scanned Outlook items
  4. Multiple saving options converts OST file into various formats like PST, MSG, and more.
  5. Converted files can be split into smaller PSTs. Similarly large PSTs can be reduced in size to store at preferred location without compromising on storage.
  6. Verify software performance before final purchase. The demo version promotes conversion of 20 Emails per folder
  7. Encrypted OST files can be converted to PSTs, successfully
  8. OST to PST conversion is at your premises so NO compromise on data security.

In the End

You have all the options available to explore Outlook utilities but when it comes to professionalism, the best option is to rely on one of the best third party tools like Stellar OST to PST converter.



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