wordpress 500 internal server error fixes tips

How to Fix WordPress “500 Internal Server Error”

Summary : This error is common among word press blog owners. It is also painful because WordPress doesn’t give detailed solution or exact reason i.e. responsible to fix 500 internal server error. In this guide, we encourage users to fix try all possible solutions one by one.

WordPress is a free and open source CMS which is based on the PHP and MySQL. For using a WordPress, you don’t need a very technical knowledge of PHP and MySQL. You can create your pages as well write your posts in a very easy manner. WordPress also provides you an option to use either a default theme or the customized theme to create an appearance of the website as per your requirement. The major advantage of WordPress is that it has a vast number of plugins which helps you to achieve the difficult functionalities in very simple steps i.e. You don’t need to write code of web based languages (PHP or HTML) to perform difficult tasks. At last ….WordPress is FREE!!!! You can download WordPress for self-hosted installations from WordPress.org or you can use the hosted service of WordPress.com.

Despite it is so easy to use but you can also encounter some problems with the WordPress website.The most common problem is the 500 Internal Server Error.You have to keep in mind that every time the problem is not due to WordPress,it can be from the server side also.

Here below we are are describing some of the source of the problem along with their solutions.

Solution 1 : Fix Plugins Errors 

It might be possible that you will encounter this error when you installed a new plugin.This problem is due to its incompatibility with the WordPress version due to either any of the possibilities.

  • code of Plugin supports the old version of PHP .
  • Updated version of WordPress removed the support of the functions used in plugin
  • Coded incorrectly for e.g. referring to default database instead of using prefixes.

DIY to Fix Errors:

Open your FTP client and login into your account with your credentials.Go to path /www/wp-content and rename the folder  plugins to _plugins.Now when you enter in the admin panel ,you may encounter as series of error like :

ABC plugin was deactivated because the file D.php can’t be found

Don’t worry about it. Rename the folder _plugins to plugins. Now you will find that all the errors are gone and the plugins are listed in the deactivated state. Now reactivate one by one and find the one which is creating the problem. Remove it and find the alternative of it on WordPress plugin library.

Solution 2: Audit WordPress Theme 

If the disabling of plugins does not help, then you can also try to resolve this problem by applying the default theme.It might be possible that the updates of the theme created this problem.

Solution 3: Fix Corrupt or Inaccessible .htaccess

If the above-stated steps didn’t solve your problem,then it might be possible that your .htaccess file got corrupted. .htaccess is a distributed configuration file which is used by the WordPress to manipulate how Apache serves files from its root directory and sub-directories. WordPress modifies this file to handle pretty permalinks.

How Can I Fix .htaccess File Error :

From the root of the WordPress install, rename the .htacess to .htacess_old.You can rename it with the help of your FTP client. After renaming,open the admin panel of the WordPress,then click on Settings->Permalinks.Now click on Save Changes button.This step will regenerate the working .htaccess file but the changes made by you earlier manually will be lost.You need to rewrite the changes.

Note: If you don’t find .htaccess file in your FTP Client then enable your settings to view the hidden files of FTP client.


We recommend that you should try the above methods to fix Internal server error in WordPress. Our blog readers can share their success story in blog comment.

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