repair mp4 video files using free tips

Free Tips To Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files

As the technologies advances, the place of analog photos are taken by the digital videos & photos. But it will be nightmare if any one out of these memories will get lost or corrupted. The situation can worsen if we don’t have backup of these videos.

We always recommend you to follow the following tips to safeguard your precious memories.Use more than one backup media (USB, CD, DVD, Hard drives Cloud etc.) to store your data. If any of the device fails, you can get your data from the other devices.

  • Always make sure that your computer runs in a healthy state.
  • As these devices are electronic devices so there must be a wear and tear as the time passes.
  • Always use a purchased antivirus on your computer to avoid any attack of viruses.

But what to do if something wrong happens?

There are many possible reasons which can lead you to this situation very easily. Some of them are

  • Loss of internet connection while downloading a video file.
  • Sudden camera shutdown which can lead to damage the header of Video files.
  • Sudden shutdown of your computer while running your video.
  • The media on which video files are stored gets corrupted.
  • Videos can get corrupted while doing compression.
  • Virus attack can corrupt your video files.

Don’t Worry!

Below we are providing you a tip to repair your videos files with in a minute but before learning the procedure, you need to understand that the video file consists of header plus data area. If anything gets corrupted in data area that is lost forever. No repairing tool in the world can bring it.

VLC Player is a tool which can not only play your partial downloaded files but also has an ability to fix the corruption of the video file. Below are the steps to fix your corrupted video files.

  • Download the VLC player from
  • Go to Media and click on Convert/Save.
  • You can also press Ctrl+R. Below screen will appear
video file selection
  • Add your corrupted file by clicking Add button.
click Add button to add corrupt video files
  • Click on Convert/Save button.
convert/save button
  • In the Convert screen, select the destination on which you want to save file and also select the profile which will help you to select the format in which you want to save file. Click on Start to repair your files.
start the repair process
  • This process will help you to repair your files and make it playable in the VLC player.

If the above process fails, then follow the below work around

  1. Create copy of your file.
  2. Rename the extension of your file to AVI (for example My_Example.mp4 to My_Example.avi).
  3. Now start the VLC Player. Go to Tools, then click on Preferences.
  4. Now click on Inputs/Codecs. Select Always Fix in “Damaged or incomplete AVI File” section
Inputs/Codecs preference

5. Now click on Save and run your AVI file in VLC player.


These steps will work in majority of the cases but in case corruption is too severe then you need third party tools to repair files. There are also online services available which will help you to repair your files but they are very costly.

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