How Do I Import MBOX to Gmail G Suite

In the today’s world of cloud, users want their emails, contacts, calendars can be accessed all around the world at any point of time. So to achieve this, they are moving away from the desktop or laptop based applications to cloud storage. Gmail provide an excellent platform i.e. G Suite to store their personal and professional information which they can access anytime. Also they don’t require any other additional app or software to store their contents.

Applications like Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple mail etc. stores their mail contents in the MBOX file format which are inaccessible outside these applications. G Suite provides following options which you can avail at a very less price.

  1. User can store their mails along with contacts, calendars and Notes.
  2. User can creates and store their Docs, Excel, PowerPoint documents.
  3. User can take backup of their files (Photos, archives, PDF’s etc.) easily.
  4. User can also make groups of the different user and can provide them rights as per their usage.

Unfortunately, G Suite doesn’t provide any utility to transfer information from MBOX to G Suite but you can perform it by following the below approach.

  • Copy your original MBOX file to a different location.
  • Download and Install Email Client (e.g. Thunderbird).
  • After installing, in thunderbird, click on Tools >> Account Settings >> Account Actions >> Add Mail Account.
Account Settings  in Thunderbird

Add Mail account in Thunderbird
  • Now configure your account with Gmail credentials.
  • Copy your MBOX email file into your configured Gmail folder.
  • After moving your MBOX files, remove configured Google Account from the Thunderbird.
  • Now open your Gmail Account on a Browser to check and access the file you imported in your Gmail Account.

This is an indirect approach which will help you to transfer from MBOX file to Gmail but this is a time consuming approach as it uses a third party email client to import MBOX files.

Note: You can also import MBOX files by using add-on of Thunderbird i.e. ImportExportTools. Now click on Tools -> Add-Ons to install the ImportExportTools add-on. Click on Add to Thunderbird button to install it.

Import Export Tools

You can now import the MBOX file by selecting the MBOX file by doing right click on the folder in which you want to import.

Import MBOX file

The Files mbox import dialog will open. Now choose your import way and the location where MBOX is located. (We have used the option 1 to import files).

Import directly one or more mbox files

The imported mailbox will be visible in the left pane of the tree. Then you can follow the steps provided above.

There are also other third party software’s which can help you to migrate but this is the most simple and secure way of migration.

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