How Do I Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook 2019?

Summary: In this post, we discuss how Outlook 2019 manages deleted emails and how you can recover these emails. You will learn how to recover deleted emails when they are stored in Deleted Items folder, and even after this folder is emptied. You will also learn how to recover deleted emails from a PST file.

Outlook users delete unwanted emails to prevent PST file from becoming oversized and also to save space. Sometimes, the users delete important emails accidentally. If you have deleted important emails and want to recover them, then you can do that by following the manual methods below. Otherwise, you can use an Outlook repair tool to recover deleted emails from a PST file automatically and safely.

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook 2019?

When you delete an email in Outlook 2019, it goes to the Deleted Items folder. If the emails you want are stored in this folder, then you can recover the emails by following these steps:

  • Launch Outlook and open Deleted Items folder.
Deleted Items folder
  • Select the emails you want to recover and right-click on any selected email. Select Move and click Other Folder.

Move Items window will open.

Move item
  • Select the folder where you want to send the recovered emails and click OK.

With this method, you can find the deleted email in the selected folder.

If you can’t find the deleted emails in Deleted Items folder, you may have permanently deleted the emails. This can happen if you have:

  • Deleted an email from Deleted Items folder.
  • Emptied Deleted Items folder.
  • Permanently deleted an email from a folder by selecting the email and pressing Shift+Delete.

Even if you permanently delete an email, you needn’t worry as you can still find the deleted email in Recoverable Items folder.  

How to Find a Permanently Deleted Email in Outlook 2019?

To find a permanently deleted email in Outlook 2019, follow the steps below. However, ensure that you are online and connected to your mail server before you proceed.

  1. Select Deleted Items folder.
  2. Go to Home tab and click Recover Deleted Items From Server.
recover deleted items from server

Recover Deleted Items window will open.

Note: If you can’t find Recover Deleted Items From Server option, it’s possible your account doesn’t support the feature.

3. Select the emails you want to recover, select Restore Selected Items option, and click OK.

restore selected items

After you click OK, the selected emails are moved to Deleted Items folder. You can move these emails to other folder using the same method we discussed above.

How to Recover Deleted Emails if You can’t Find the Emails in the Mail Server?

The methods discussed above are suitable for recovering emails that are deleted recently. However, if you want to recover emails that were deleted a long time ago, then these methods may not work. This is because Outlook retains deleted emails only for a certain period by default. For instance, permanently deleted emails are retained by Outlook for 14 days in default settings. You can increase this duration to 30 days by changing the settings, but that’s the longest period for which Outlook retains permanently deleted emails. After 30 days, the emails are purged automatically.

If you deleted an email more than 30 days ago, you can’t use the manual methods to recover it with Outlook. However, you can still recover the emails if you have a backup PST file.

Use an Outlook PST Recovery Tool to Recover Deleted Emails

You can use a powerful and reliable pst recovery tool to recover deleted emails from a PST file easily. This is because even when you empty Deleted Items folder in a PST, Outlook doesn’t delete the items. The application just hides the deleted emails from the user by removing their listings from the index (Outlook uses this index to locate emails).

Using an Outlook PST Recovery Tool is the safest way to recover deleted emails. This tool can be of great help when you can’t access deleted emails in Outlook, even after using Recover Deleted Items From Server option.


By now, you know how deleted emails are handled by Outlook. With this information, you can recover deleted emails either by using manual methods or by using an automated solution like a PST recovery tool. If data safety and convenience are important to you, then it’s recommended you use a PST repair tool. Otherwise, you can use the manual methods for free.

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