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Genuine Review : Cobra Security System and Camera

Now a days due to increase in the unemployed population, the number of burglaries are also increasing day by day. The burglaries not only cost to the property but also leads to long term trauma in the human mind. According to the Statistics from the FBI, there are almost three burglaries in every minute in USA. Now we can imagine the figures all over the globe.

Protecting our home and family members is the top most priority. To achieve this we usually spent a lot of money but the missing factor is satisfaction. Cobra Security Systems is one of the most trusted solution provider. This solution is easily available on both online and offline stores.

Cobra security solutions provide you a flexibility to use up to 8 High definition camera throughout your property. Each camera will act as an eagle’s eye to secure every corner. But to implement every security measure you must need to know the pros and cons of the product. Here we are listing after detailed analysis of the product.


  • Each HD color camera has an infra-red night vision capabilities up to 100 feet.
  • Easily installable and can be navigated by mouse and remote control.
  • You can easily schedule it. For instance, you can schedule the recording in case any movement is detected with in your property.
  • You can playback and view remotely by using your smartphone or tablet.
  • It comes with the huge capacity of 1TB capacity as a preinstalled component which is ready for recording.
  • A clip of recording can be saved in a USB drive to analyse in case any incident happens.

Every great technology comes with some drawbacks also. Some of the cons are :

  • You are solely responsible and managing your property. In case you find any illegal or suspicious activity, you are required to report to your local police authorities.
  • If you are novice to the technology, it is difficult for you to install as there is no professional support available for the installation but your local electricians can do it task very efficiently.

The technical details of the product are as follows

SKU: 63890

Brand: Cobra

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Battery(s) required: 2 AAA – Included

Temperature range (deg F): 14°F – 122 °F

Accessories included: (1) 8 channel H.264 DVR, (1) 1TB hard drive, (4) 3.6mm Long Range Indoor/outdoor HD color cameras with infrared night vision, (4) 60 ft. camera cables, (1) 4 way splitter power cable, (1) 12V/2A power adapter for DVR, (1) 12V/2A power adapter for cameras, (1) Mouse with USB cable, (1) Remote control; AC Volts: 120

Now what are you waiting for….

Go ahead and install the World’s best Security system in your property and get yourself relax from the security concerns.

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