Fix SD Card ‘Access Denied’ Error

The removable devices are one of the reliable resources to back up your data but as these devices are electronic devices and they maintain a file system within themselves so it might be possible that they will face an issue after a period of time use. One of the most frustrating errors is when you get a message while accessing your SD Card “F: / is Not Accessible, Access is Denied“.

After getting this message, you are not able to perform read and write operations on your SD card. 

Access is Denied

Some of the common reasons why SD Card may become inaccessible

  • Due to the generation of bad sectors in SD Card.
  • Damage of File System of SD card.
  • Damage due to virus infection
  • Physical damage of SD card
  • Due to permissions required to access the card.

If you face this error while accessing your card, don’t worry kindly follow the solutions step-wise

Solution 1:

Windows provides an error checking tool which will help to find and fix disk errors.

  • Connect your device
  • Open “This PC/My Computer”.
  • Rightclick on the inaccessible drive and select “Properties”.
  • Click on Tools Tab.
  • Click “Check/Check Now”.
error checking

If this solution fixes your problem, you can open your card and start using it. In case of failure kindly follow solution 2.

Solution 2:

You can remove this error from your SD card by using the CHKDSK command.

  • Open the command prompt
  • Type: CHKDSK/f G: (replace G with the drive letter of your SD card).
  • Press the Enter button to proceed.
  • When process finishes, type Exit and then press the Enter button to close the command prompt.
  • Now check your SD card.

Now the left solution is formatting your SD Card to make it accessible but before formatting, you need to get your files first. For that, you need to buy a data recovery software to get your files back. We suggest you run a demo of these tools first to validate that your files are recoverable or not. After recovering your data you can format your SD Card and re-use it.

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